Juice Press
 Model: CSF-2T

Black or red metal frame with stainless steel food trays.

Price:  $370  +shipping




Hydraulic juice press construction:  Model CSF-2T

The frame is constructed of  steel with baked-on polyuratine finish.

The frame does not have food contact. 

The food processing  trays are food grade stainless steel (18-8).

The pulp and juice will only be in contact with stainless steel parts, which provides easy clean up.

Juicer dimensions:

Over all frame dimension: 11 inch wide, 16 inch tall and has a wide 9 inch  base/footing  for stability.

Lower stainless tray dimension: L9.25 x W5.25 x D2.5 inches

Weight: 30 pounds

Steel framed press  is available with black powder coated finish.

The  press body/frame and press plates has no moving parts.

Only the  hydraulic pump has moving parts, it is removable  and it has one year warranty from the pump manufacturer.

The press is shipped in a fully functional format, no assembly required. Items included with the hydraulic press machine:

Black frame, 2 stainless food trays, lower press plate, 2 return springs, hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump's lever, vinyl extension tube (removable), two reusable juice cloths, press machine's operating instruction.


Additional juice cloths are available to purchase.

How does the press machine work? Click here.

Download Owners Manual (right-click to save)






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