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Our Hydraulic juice presser is used to fully extract pulp free juice from freshly ground up fruits and vegetables.

Utilizing this method will  extract  more volume, more enzymes, minerals and nutrients.

Recommended by Gerson Institute and  it is a great alternative to Norwalk.

Note: A  Norwalk  juicer is a two step juicer as well, not a one step operation.

Separate steps:  Step 1 -  Grind.   Step 2 -  compress pulp with hydraulic press.


Five good reasons why our press machine is better than the competition!

1) Stainless steel (food grade) food trays - not plastic blocks.

2) Frame is all welded construction - not bolted together.

3) Powdercoated frame (it is a baked-on finish) - not painted.
Polyurethane powder is baked into the pores of the metal frame, this type of finish does not peel, chip or crack. Example: powder-coating is used on playground equipment. This process is more costly than paint, but it is worth it!

Lifetime warranty on the frame!

4) We use return springs under the lower stainless food tray. The springs will return the tray to the lowest position when juicing/pressing is done.

5) We make the press machines here in Texas for more than fifteen years.

We are here for you if you have any questions, need help or need any parts in the future.



15th Anniversary sale!

Hydraulic press.

$40 off


Also available: combo discount -$20





Available in black or white.

The homogenizing nozzle is  a 1 piece nozzle with no cut-out on the bottom of the nozzle. Leak proof. Keeps juice and pulp together, reducing friction and heat, does not need to be taken apart.  Easier to clean up.
It is made specifically to make the champion a grinder only.

Note: this nozzle does not fit champions older than 10 years old.

Call us with your Champion's serial number and we will check compatibility.


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